April 2018
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Jenn Tassoni: Shelley I wanted to tell you how much fun I had doing your zumba class that I have decided that I would love to teach it too! I saw that I need to be trained and was wondering if you would be interested in training me!? I dont know the details involved with the training but I figured you would be the perfect person to talk to. Talk to you soon!

Yani Williams:  Shelley,  I really enjoy our zumba class at HGI on Tuesdays. I’m gettn use to the moves now and I really feel great afterwards. Thank You !!!! Can’t wait till next week!!!

Jacqlyn Weiss Kaplan: Shel amazing class thanks…loved it!

Beth Lorber Thune : My friend Susan loves your Zumba class. I just started teaching in March & love it! When my son is done with his religious school in 2 weeks, I would love to try out your class. I’m sure I can learn a lot!

Gail Frank Kaye: Shelly, I can’t wait to take your zumba class. All your students think you’re great. I’m so proud of you! xoxo

Jacqlyn Weiss Kaplan: Great class last nite! I just got an e-mail they want to continue through June!!!! Look forward to zumba with you on tuesday nights!

Deneen Miller: Hey Shelley, AWESOME ZUMBA CLASS, last night. I was sore this morning, lol. Looking forward to the 2days a week starting in June. Have a WONDERFUL Day/night.

Kristen Spadaro: I got that song!!! I love it!!! Ur an amazing teacher!!!!

Cheryl Schlossberg-Aniloff: I agree……… The best workout I ever had, seriously!!!! Shelley, you’re awesome!!!!